Sports Fest and Family Day at YECE

It may sound cliched, but the small things you do and give your children especially your quality time make a big difference. As the names suggest, Sports Fest is intended for the children together with their parents and/or siblings to play sports carefully prepared to enhance their psycho-motor skills, strength, speed and dexterity. We intentionally combined both Sports Fest and Family Day to allow children and parents to spend quality time together. It is a healthy, happy event for children no matter what size or shape the family is.

It is important that teachers and schools don’t have stereotypes when it comes to talking about families. We welcomed everyone and made activities for families and diverse families that would help build or enhance positive and life-affirming relationships between them. Each class was divided into two teams – yellow and blue from the smallest Nursery through Primary 1. Families played together and compete in a team. They played piggy back ride, tug of war, obstacle race, planting straws, sack race, etc. To remind the children that we in YECE also belong to one big family, we enjoyed lunch and shared food together as a big family right after the fun games.


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