About Us

Principal’s Message

Welcome to Young Einsteins Centre for Excellence (YECE). Founded in 2017,  YECE offers a globally-competitive educational system catering the needs of the ‘whole child’ and made accessible to the local children of Medellin, a far-flung municipality north of Cebu, Philippines. We believe that exceptional education is the right of every child, rich or poor, whichever corner of the world she may be.

Our school provides a high-quality British education tailored to the Filipino child. Our curriculum is underpinned by The Department of Education’s K-12 programme and The Early Years Foundation Stage. Our teaching approach is anchored on the philosophy that every child is a unique individual and that no two- children are alike. Children are diverse and they learn in different ways and at different pace. This is an understanding that we hold firmly and that is reflected in the educational system that we design for them. Whilst we value linearity in learning, we also understand that this is not the be-all-and-end-all approach in all areas of learning. Children effectively learn by direct experience, by doing.

Some children are visual learners, others are auditory but most children are tactile and bodily kinaesthetic learners. This is the reason why we use Jolly Phonics to teach them how to read. It’s fun and multi-sensory. This is also the reason why we value play, free or structured, child-led, guided or adult-led in every unit of learning. We allow them to move, to touch, to experience, to engage.

We are committed to the holistic development of each and every child and we make sure that we cater the needs of the ‘whole child’. We don’t focus on the head alone; learners should be embodied. Academic Subjects like Science, Mathematics and Literacy are absolutely important but they are not sufficient on their own. For this reason, we integrate storytelling, music, rhymes, poems and dances as either springboard or reinforcement to our lessons.

I am ardently hopeful that through this website, you will have a little flavour of what we are and what we do and this is just a taste of what a delightful experience our children have in our school. If you like what you see, I ask that you support one of our urgent campaigns to help us continue our work and enable the children of Medellin receive the best education they can get.

Kind Regards,
Teacher Rovelyn

“We believe that happy learners are lifelong learners and to achieve this, they have to be engaged through meaningful plays and projects.”

Vision & Mission


Young Einsteins Center for Excellence Inc. is a veritable school in Cebu where all are dedicated to create a loving, caring and happy environment. It challenges, encourages and nurtures students to be the best that they can be.


Our mission is to help all children reach their full potential in a caring and happy environment by providing fun and tailor-made activities for children to have a stimulating and rich gain of knowledge.
It is the aim of Young Einsteins Center for Excellence that we should:

  • nurture the child’s natural curiosity and fuel their passion for learning,
  • create an enabling space and activities to spark the children’s imagination and develop their creativity and self-expression
  • focus on a child-centred approach to learning in which the social, physical, and emotional development of the child is as important as his intellectual development,
  • provide structure for teaching and learning within which children engage in activities that are guided or adult-directed as well as child-led
  • encourage students to do their best in everything do
  • provide an environment in which all students have equal right to respect regardless of their religion, special education needs, home language, socioeconomic background, family structure or ability
  • develop the children’s compassion and care for our environment
  • scaffold on what children already know and what they can do
  • welcome parents as partners in nurturing their children’s development by keeping them informed about their progress and the school activities.

School Founders

Founded in 2017, YECE was born from the minds of two educators and mothers with a vision to provide a high-quality education starting from the small town where they were born.

Teacher Madeleine has taught both in a British School and Singapore School in Asia for 10 years. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Math and Science and units of Early Childhood Education.

Teacher Rovelyn has taught in International British Schools both in Cebu and Hong Kong for 19 years. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in English Literature and Master’s Degree in Early Childhood Education and Special Education.

Ms. Madeleine and Ms. Rovelyn have received great training and have learned global best practice through experience. They have combined this knowledge and personal commitment to design an educational system with the best teaching strategy and made it available to the local families of Medellin. Despite the lack of funds, they are quite hopeful that through the help of our benevolent brothers and sisters, they will be able to continue carrying out their vision.

Teaching Staff

YECE teachers and teacher assistants are local residents of Medellin and they hold a bachelor’s degree in teaching elementary education . They graduated from Cebu Normal University which has a campus extended to this rural community. Thus, we pride ourselves not only of the high – quality education we offer our children but of the opportunity to help these new teachers find their niche and make a difference in the lives of young students.

Our teaching staff has had intensive training on the Key Areas of Learning that the Early Years Foundation Stage is made up of, how to do their lesson planning based on those areas and the methodology adopted by our school. Being young and new graduates, their ability to absorb and execute new instructions of international and modern method of teaching is at a high level.